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April 22, 2024 Claims Services

3 Ways to Reduce Your Workers' Time on Disability

Managing employee disabilities and their associated costs is an ongoing challenge for businesses. Extended periods of absence can have a significant impact on productivity and overall operations. However, an often-overlooked solution lies in the power of early return-to-work programs. In this blog post, we will delve into how Beacon Mutual has successfully helped local small business owners to substantially reduce workers' time on disability over the past year. We will explore the strategies and activities employed to achieve this impressive outcome, the positive impact of early return-to-work on businesses, and the tangible effects of employee absence on operations.

3 Ways to Reduce Workers' Time on Disability:

Over the past year, Beacon Mutual has successfully implemented measures resulting in a remarkable average reduction of days in workers' time on disability. This statistic highlights the significant progress made in facilitating early return-to-work for injured or ill employees for their policyholders.

1. Timely communication

Open lines of communication are vital when it comes to reducing workers' time on disability. It is important to maintain contact with your injured employees throughout any period of disability. Let them know that you value them, that you are there to support them, and that you will collaborate with them so that they successfully remain both safe and at work. Be flexible and patient, as recovery periods will vary with individuals.  It may be helpful to check in or schedule brief weekly meetings with your recovering employees to discuss your expectations, assign work duties, and make necessary adjustments. Contact Beacon Mutual’s team if you need help.

Beacon Mutual ensures that their policyholders' injured employees receive prompt information about their rights, benefits, and available stay-at-work and return-to-work options. By providing comprehensive and timely communication, employees feel supported, enabling faster recoveries and smoother transitions back to work.

2. Collaborative rehabilitation

Beacon Mutual actively collaborates with healthcare providers and rehabilitation specialists to design personalized rehabilitation programs. Nurse Case Managers and other Managed Care resources have become integral to achieving good claims and reduced disability outcomes in Workers’ Compensation.  Most insurance companies of our size outsource managed care. Beacon, however, abides by its company value, Commit to Care, and has invested in our team of local nurse case managers to not only help employees receive the medical care they need timely but to also return to work as safely and quickly as possible, saving employers thousands.

3. Modified work assignments

Employers partnering with Beacon Mutual understand the importance of offering modified work assignments during the recovery phase. By tailoring job responsibilities to accommodate temporary physical limitations, businesses facilitate the early return-to-work process. This approach promotes a sense of normalcy, boosts employee morale, and reduces the risk of prolonged disability. Modified work assignments also save businesses thousands

3 Benefits of Reduced Employee Disability Time in Businesses:

The impact of reducing workers' time on disability extends beyond the well-being of employees, positively affecting businesses as well.

1. Cost savings

The absence of an employee, even for a temporary period, can result in significant costs for businesses. Extended absences often lead to overtime expenses, increased workloads for remaining staff, and the need for temporary staffing. By actively supporting early return-to-work initiatives, employers can mitigate these costs and maintain operational efficiency.

2. Increased productivity

When employees return to work earlier, they contribute to the productivity and efficiency of the business. Their knowledge, skills, and experience are immediately available, allowing them to resume their responsibilities and contribute to ongoing projects. This swift reintegration reduces the burden on other employees and ensures that the business operates at optimal levels.

3. Enhanced employee engagement

Enabling employees to return to work earlier promotes a sense of loyalty, engagement, and satisfaction. Knowing that their employer values their well-being and is committed to supporting their recovery fosters a positive work environment. This, in turn, can lead to higher retention rates, increased employee morale, and improved overall performance.

Beacon Mutual's success in reducing workers' time on disability showcases the power of early return-to-work programs. By implementing effective communication strategies, collaborating with healthcare professionals, and offering modified work assignments, businesses can significantly minimize the negative impacts of employee absence. The benefits include cost savings, increased productivity, and a more engaged workforce. 

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