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August 09, 2023 Claims Services

Rising Above Inflation: How Beacon Keeps Claims Costs Down

In a world grappling with rising inflation rates, Beacon Mutual has emerged as a beacon of hope for businesses and workers alike. Despite the ever-increasing costs of living, the company has managed to keep claim costs down, leading to reduced expenses for its clients. Over the past 12 months, Beacon's proactive measures have yielded impressive results, showcasing their commitment to cost control and financial stability. In this blog post, we will delve into how Beacon has achieved this feat, specifically by reducing disability duration and highlighting the advantages of its approach in the face of inflation.

Reducing disability duration:

One of the key factors contributing to Beacon's success in controlling costs and minimizing claim expenses is their focus on reducing disability duration. Working together, their Claims and Safety teams have developed a novel, collaborative approach to streamline the return-to-work process, shortening the time employees spend away from work due to a disabling injury. Beacon's successful return-to-work program has reduced their average disability duration by 15 days over the past year!

This proactive approach has not only benefited the affected individuals by facilitating their faster return to work but has also contributed to overall cost reduction for Beacon's customers.

A downward trend amid inflation:

The ability to reduce disability duration in a time of economic challenge is a significant benefit for Beacon policyholders. Returning employees to work as quickly as possible helps customers navigate a tough labor market and keep their businesses staffed. As the costs of labor, goods, and services continue to rise, it becomes increasingly challenging to keep claim costs down. However, Beacon has demonstrated its dedication to managing claim expenses effectively, adding value for its customers.

Controlling costs:

In an era where everything seems to be more expensive, Beacon has proven to be a reliable partner in controlling costs for businesses. By actively managing claim expenses and reducing disability duration, the company ensures that businesses can navigate the challenges posed by inflation without bearing excessive financial burdens. This commitment to cost control allows Beacon to keep insurance rates down, providing stability and financial relief to their clients.

Dividends as an added advantage:

Another benefit of Beacon's ability to reduce claim costs is its capacity to provide dividends to policyholders. By maintaining a healthy financial position, Beacon can distribute dividends to those who have demonstrated responsible safety and risk management practices. 

In 2023, Beacon distributed a 7 percent dividend to approximately 97% of its policyholders, a total of 11,000 southern New England businesses, based on their loss history.

These dividends serve as an additional incentive for businesses to partner with Beacon, reinforcing the company's commitment to shared success and rewarding their customers for their efforts in minimizing workplace injuries and claims.

Beacon's dedication to supporting their clients' success:

Beacon's achievement in reducing claim costs despite inflation is a testament to their commitment to cost control and customer satisfaction. By effectively managing disability duration, the company has kept claim expenses down and provided businesses with much-needed relief in an era of rising costs. The ability to maintain stable insurance rates and offer dividends showcases Beacon's financial strength and dedication to supporting their clients' success. In a world where controlling costs is more crucial than ever, Beacon stands out as a reliable and invaluable partner for businesses seeking comprehensive workers' compensation coverage.


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