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January 11, 2023 Claims Services

Beacon's Nurse Case Managers Help Workers Return to Work Early

Nurse Case Managers and other Managed Care resources have become integral to achieving good Claims outcomes in Workers’ Compensation.  Most insurance companies of our size outsource managed care. Beacon, however, abides by its company value, Commit to Care, and has invested in our own team of local nurse case managers to not only help employees receive the medical care they need timely, but to also return to work as safely and quickly as possible, saving employers thousands.

When an employee experiences a workplace injury, Beacon’s dedicated team of nurse case managers work together with employers and medical providers to coordinate medical treatment so that employees can stay at work or return to work safely. This team, along with claims specialists, physical therapists, and ergonomists comprise the most experienced and knowledgeable workers’ compensation claims professionals in Rhode Island.

Beacon's managed care team is truly committed to care. They are always thinking of how they can make a difference. In addition to referrals directly from Claims Specialists, Each week, they actively seek cases in which they can make a positive impact and help an injured worker to navigate recovery and get back to work quicker. They put themselves on the case, using their wealth of clinical expertise and relationships among Rhode Island’s providers to achieve positive outcomes for injured employees and their employers.

Nobody works harder to get injured employees back to work in good health than the claims professionals at Beacon Mutual. We’ve been doing it for thirty years, and we’re ready to put our experience and expertise to work for you.

 “Having our own in-house team of Nurses and Managed Care professionals is a significant benefit to our customers.  I am so proud of the contribution they make and the compassion, empathy and understanding they show as they help injured employees recover every day," said David Blair, VP of Claims and Loss Prevention.

Let Beacon's Nurse Case Managers Work For You

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Beacon Mutual has a thirty-year history of guiding policyholders through the claim process to assist with obtaining appropriate and necessary medical services for injured workers. The team will work collaboratively with you, your employee, and the medical providers with the goal of returning your employee safely back to work after a work-related injury.

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