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April 04, 2024 Safety News

Safety Grant Success Stories: Enhancing Workplace Safety

As we reflect on the safety grant funds awarded two years ago during our 30th Anniversary celebration, we are thrilled to provide you with an exciting update on how these funds have been utilized to enhance safety and security at RI workplaces. The results we have seen from our policyholders have been truly inspiring, showcasing the innovative and diverse approaches that organizations have taken to prioritize safety within local workplaces. We are eager to share the success stories that have emerged from their safety initiatives and illustrate the tangible impact of Beacon Mutual's dedication to promoting a culture of safety.

Updates from Beacon Safety Grant Awardees:

West End Construction - Fortifying Safety from Head to Toe

The grant enabled West End Construction to purchase an array of safety essentials, including fall protection harnesses, vented hard hats, 3M Peltor earmuffs, MBTA-regulated safety vests, Honeywell full-face respirators, safety glasses, gloves, and more. The investment has equipped their employees with safer work practices across various projects, highlighting the commitment to comprehensive safety measures.

Thank you again for supporting our safety goals with the grant you provided. We were able to purchase most of the items on our safety wish list," said John LaChapelle, Owner of West End Construction.


VICTA - Saving Lives with Defibrillators and Crisis Intervention Training

VICTA utilized Beacon's Safety Grant to purchase two defibrillators and provide staff with training in Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI). This initiative has turned their behavioral health/medical clinic into a safer environment, with staff now equipped to handle potential crises confidently. The grant has not only contributed to physical safety but has also empowered the team with essential life-saving skills.

LOCKHEED - Tripping Hazards No More: A Shop Floor Revolution

Lockheed utilized the grant funds to purchase Strongway Heavy-Duty Retractable Extension Cord Reels and Heavy-Duty Hose Reels. This strategic investment has eliminated trip hazards in their workshop, significantly improving workplace safety. The implementation of these safety measures has not only safeguarded employees but has also streamlined shop operations, promoting a more efficient and hazard-free work environment.


Comprehensive Community Action Program (CCAP) - Strengthening Safety: Panic Buttons and Beyond

At Comprehensive Community Action Program (CCAP), the grant facilitated workforce safety and de-escalation training. In addition to training, panic buttons were distributed to all staff in their community-based programs. This multi-faceted approach has strengthened safety measures, ensuring that staff members are well-prepared to handle challenges and emergencies.

This funding was critical in spearheading our enhanced safety efforts. Thank you for your generous Beacon Mutual grant funding,” said Seena S. Franklin, LICSW, and VP of Program Development at CCAP.

Gladstone Elementary School, Cranston - Securing Educational Spaces with Locked Foyers

Witness the transformative impact of Beacon's Safety Grant at Gladstone Elementary School. The funds were instrumental in constructing a locked foyer entry, providing an additional layer of security for students and staff. This innovative security measure has already proven its effectiveness, as demonstrated in a recent incident. The grant has played a crucial role in funding this project, contributing to a secure learning environment for all.

Avatar Residential - Implementing Ukeru for Safer Crisis Management

Avatar Residential invested their Beacon Safety Grant to extend their Ukeru training to all residential and day-service programs.  Ukeru is a crisis management technique that offers an alternative to hands-on restrictive procedures. Ukeru’s philosophy helps Direct Support Professionals understand that it is possible to manage emergency safety situations without the use of physical restraint.  In addition, the Ukeru curriculum provides education on understanding trauma as it relates to behavioral communication. 

All staff have been trained by Avatar’s Executive Director and quarterly training is held for new employees.  In addition to the in-person training, they have designated one member of leadership from each program to train new staff on the safe and effective use of Ukeru pads. This program has been therapeutic for many people Avatar supports and has deterred restrictive procedures many times. 

Thank you again for your contribution to our mission of keeping both employees and the people we support safe! The physical and emotional safety of our employees remains very important to us,” said Natalie Atkinson, Human Resources at Avatar.


American Mathematical Society - Enhancing Accessibility with Ergonomic Chairs

The American Mathematical Society utilized its Safety Grant to purchase four ergonomic desk chairs, catering to mobility needs due to medical conditions. This simple yet impactful initiative ensures a comfortable work environment, promoting inclusivity and accommodating diverse health requirements.


Bristol County Water Authority - Elevating Confined Space Safety

The Bristol County Water Authority utilized the grant for a confined space entry support system, enhancing safe access and retrieval capabilities. The modular nature of the equipment allows system-wide utilization, ensuring reliability and durability. The BCWA expresses gratitude for the grant's role in realizing safety improvements that benefit both the organization and the communities they serve.


Narragansett Bay Commission - Strengthening Security Against Active Threats

Narragansett Bay Commission invested in security window film to enhance protection against active shooter/threat situations. This delayed intrusion film, installed at key locations, provides employees with added time to evacuate. Narragansett Bay Commission employees now experience an additional layer of physical protection, contributing to a safer work environment.

Thank you to Beacon Mutual for accepting NBC’s grant application and continuing to assist our agency as we continue providing a safe workplace for all employees,” said David Aucoin, CSHO, Safety Compliance Coordinator Narragansett Bay Commission.


Stop Wasting Abandoned Property (SWAP) - Ensuring Safety through Essential Gear

SWAP utilized the grant for essential safety gear, including work boots, safety clothing, glasses, gloves, and ear protection. Assessments are ongoing to determine additional safety items for purchase, ensuring the continued safety and productivity of their maintenance staff.


5C Energy - Prioritizing Respiratory Safety and Ongoing Consultation

5C Energy employed the grant to conduct the OSHA Respirator Medical Questionnaire and Qualitative Fit Testing, enhancing respiratory safety. The purchase of 10 Full Face Respirators further supports a safe working environment.

On a side note, Jack (a Beacon Loss Prevention Specialist) has been extremely helpful in recommending ways to improve health and safety on the job. His knowledge has been much appreciated and his willingness to get into the field and observe has been a tremendous help. In particular, his ladder training and his recommendations around safety planning, etc. come to mind. We plan to continue to stay in touch on a regular basis,” said Ray Colwell, President 5C Energy.

Above and Beyond Tree Service - Zero Clogger Chainsaw Pants for Unparalleled Safety

Above and Beyond Tree Service invested in Zero Clogger chainsaw safety pants, exceeding the grant amount for enhanced chainsaw laceration protection. The comfort and constant wear of these pants ensure compliance with OSHA, ANSI, and Beacon's guidelines, fostering a culture of safety within the team.

These safety grant success stories highlight the tangible outcomes of Beacon's commitment to promoting safety. From construction sites to medical clinics and schools, the impact of these safety grants is evident in creating secure, hazard-free environments. As we celebrate these achievements, we look forward to more local businesses joining the journey toward a safer and healthier future.

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