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June 13, 2024 Safety News

2024 Fall Semester Safety Seminars & Webinars Announced

The 2024 Fall Seminar & Webinar Schedule is now available.

Beacon's upcoming seminars and webinars include more than a dozen sessions that cover safety and workers' compensation topics including, Beacon's Workers' Comp 101, OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety, OSHA 10-Hour Safety Standards for General Industry, Forklift Operator and Train-the-Trainer, and NSC Defensive Driver Training (DDC-4) .

Safety seminars and webinars are a great way for employees and companies to prevent workplace injuries. These educational sessions offer a variety of benefits, including increased awareness of potential hazards, improved safety practices, and a better understanding of important safety regulations. By participating in these seminars and webinars, employees can learn how to identify and avoid potential hazards, as well as how to respond in the event of an emergency. Additionally, companies can benefit from reduced incident rates, improved productivity, and lower costs associated with workplace injuries. Overall, safety seminars and webinars are essential tools for promoting a safe and healthy work environment and should be a priority for employers and employees alike.

The Beacon training team is looking forward to engaging with businesses and employees from all over the state of Rhode Island. 

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View the Seminar & Webinar Schedule to read more about each training, download the printable schedule, and register online. Beacon's in-person seminars including Forklift and OSHA 10-Hour Training are available to current policyholders and clients only. To learn how your company can switch to Beacon and get access to all of Beacon's safety programs, contact your agent. 

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More Training Opportunities

In addition to our seminars and seminars, Beacon offers several Online OSHA 10-Hour Training courses free to our policyholders and clients. These webinars are presented by our partner, Advance Online Solutions (AOS), an OSHA-authorized online outreach training provider. These sessions are also available in Spanish! 

About Beacon’s Safety Team

Beacon Mutual has the largest team of local ergonomic and safety professionals dedicated to creating safer workplaces in Rhode Island. Each experienced member of the team understands current safety and health issues and their potential impact on Rhode Island employers. Beacon Mutual is pleased to offer our policyholders a wide variety of educational programs to ensure a safe and productive workplace at no additional cost.


"Beacon's loss prevention representative has been teaching a class on defensive driving at my company for about 10 years and I've seen a significant drop in auto accidents."

Kathy Legare
Valley Transportation Corp.

Beacon Mutual
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Beacon Mutual

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