New Safety Classes Offered in Beacon's Online University
September 20, 2021 Safety News

New Safety Training Offered in Beacon's Online University

Online Safety Training for Employees

Did you know that as a Beacon Mutual policyholder, you can take more than 100 core health and safety courses free of charge? Well, you can in the Beacon Online University. The online campus allows employees to learn the latest safety information by offering courses for all types of workplace risks.

Besides receiving up-to-date safety information and training to reduce workplace injuries, benefits of the online classes include not having to travel, no material costs, and you can access the safety training 24/7. 

Beacon's Online University contains course types like:

  • Construction
  • Driver Safety
  • Ergonomics
  • General Safety
  • Healthcare
  • Municipal
  • Hospitality
  • Covid-19

Here are a few of the new online safety courses offered to help reduce workplace injuries:

Full Series Covering Emergency Prep & Response: Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricanes, Terrorism, Tornadoes, Wildfires, Winter Storms

Participants can choose to take some or all in the series. These courses (SJ02 - SJ14) cover how to prepare for, protect against, and respond to earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, terrorism, tornadoes, wildfires, or winter storms, including what steps you can take to stay safe and when to ask for emergency help. Learn what safety procedures are in an Emergency Action Plan, including procedures to identify a clear chain of command, safely evacuate, and more. 

Emergency Preparedness: Continuity of Operations

This course (SJ26) introduces employees to the continuity of operations and the importance of their role in a continuity plan. It covers the main parts of a continuity plan, including critical processes, roles and responsibilities, communication, alternate locations, and more. Course length: 20 minutes

Field Biological Hazards

This course (SJ20) will train you on several biological hazards encountered in the work environment including microorganisms, arthropods, and plant toxins. Biological hazards in the workplace are the source of many unrecognized illnesses and diseases. Course length: 15 minutes

Forming and Operating Safety Committees

This course (SJ28) will teach employees and supervisors about the benefits of safety committees and break down important considerations for planning, organizing, and effectively operating a safety committee. Course length: 60 minutes

Slower is Faster - Survival Skills for Ambulance Drivers

This course (DD51) training focuses on the most important information drivers need to assure they arrive safely to routine and emergency calls. Driving an ambulance is a crucial aspect of the emergency response team. Course length: 30 minutes

Slower is Faster - Survival Skills for Fire Engine-Drivers

This course (DD53) training focuses on the most important information drivers need to assure they arrive safely to routine and emergency calls. Driving a fire truck is a crucial aspect of the emergency response team. Course length: 30 minutes

Welding, Cutting, and Brazing Safety

This course (SH51) covers potential health and safety concerns unique to welding, cutting, and brazing. Topics include compressed gas and oxygen cylinders; arc welding and cutting; personal protection equipment (PPE); fire prevention techniques; mechanical ventilation; confined spaces; and metals of toxic significance or with protective coatings. This course provides an overview of OSHA 29 CFR 1910 Subpart Q. Course length: 30 minutes

View the entire list of Online University course offerings, read more about each safety course, and register online. 

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More Training Opportunities

In addition to the Online University, Beacon offers numerous seminars and webinars, including several Online OSHA 10-Hour Training courses free to our policyholders and clients. These webinars are presented by our partner, Advance Online Solutions (AOS), an OSHA authorized online outreach training provider.

About Beacon’s Safety Team

Beacon Mutual has the largest team of local ergonomic and safety professionals dedicated to creating safer workplaces in Rhode Island. Each experienced member of the team understands current safety and health issues and their potential impact on Rhode Island employers. Beacon Mutual is pleased to offer our policyholders a wide variety of educational programs to ensure a safe and productive workplace at no additional cost.


"Beacon's loss prevention representative has been teaching a class on defensive driving at my company for about 10 years and I've seen a significant drop in auto accidents."

Kathy Legare
Valley Transportation Corp.

"We value the classes that are offered free of charge from Beacon and how well they handle incidences."

Jennifer Warner
Concrete Products Inc

Neil Gagne
Written by

Neil Gagne

Senior Loss Prevention Consultant

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