Pam Alaire Retires as Beacon's VP of Human Resources after 21 years
June 26, 2023 Corporate News

Pam Alarie, Beacon's VP of Human Resources Will Retire After 21 Years

The Beacon Mutual Insurance Company announces that their Vice President of Human Resources, Pam Alarie, will retire in July 2023. Alarie has been a vital part of the company for the past 21 years, working with executives and the Board to execute strategies for talent development, recruitment, compensation, and employee relations.

Alarie's passion for employee wellness and professional development has earned her respect and admiration throughout her 35-year career in the industry. She has been committed to supporting initiatives that promote physical and mental well-being in the workplace.

"Pam's leadership and dedication to our employees has been instrumental in creating a positive work environment and driving employee engagement," said Brian Spero, President and CEO of The Beacon Mutual Insurance Company. "We are incredibly grateful for her years of service and wish her all the best in her well-deserved retirement."

During Alarie's tenure, she built a strong Human Resources team that focused on creating a positive work environment and developing Beacon’s employees to their full potential. As Pam prepares for retirement, Beacon has named Shannon Broadbent, former Assistant VP of HR, as the new Vice President of Human Resources. Broadbent will continue to drive the company's employee-focused culture and initiatives.

Beacon wishes Pam all the best in her future endeavors and thanks her for her dedication to the success of Beacon. Her contributions will not be forgotten, and we look forward to seeing what she accomplishes in retirement.


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