Respirable Crystalline Silica
February 18, 2020 Safety News

OSHA Crystalline Silica Seminar

 Join Beacon Mutual on May 19, 2020 to learn more about how to protect workers from silica exposures and about OSHA’s Respirable Crystalline Silica Standards.

Beacon Mutual is pleased to announce that we will be conducting a seminar titled “OSHA Respirable Crystalline Silica Standards Update” at the Beacon Mutual Training Center conducted by David M. Swain, a certified industrial hygienist from the Providence Area OSHA office.

The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently announced changes to the respirable crystalline silica standards. To better protect workers exposed to respirable crystalline silica, OSHA has issued two new standards: one for construction and the other for general industry and maritime.

It is the duty of employers to protect all workers from hazards. Workers exposed to small crystalline silica dust particles are at increased risk of developing serious silica-related diseases, including:

  • Silicosis, an incurable lung disease that can lead to disability and death;
  • Lung cancer;
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); and
  • Kidney disease.

What is Respirable Crystalline Silica?

According to OSHA, crystalline silica is a common mineral that is found in construction materials such as sand, stone, concrete, brick, and mortar. When workers cut, grind, drill, or crush materials that contain crystalline silica, very small dust particles are created. These tiny particles (known as “respirable” particles) can travel deep into workers’ lungs and cause silicosis, an incurable and sometimes deadly lung disease.  In most cases, these diseases occur after years of exposure to respirable crystalline silica. Download OSHA’s Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard for Construction Fact Sheet. 

We invite all of our agents, policyholders and the general public to attend this OSHA training seminar to ensure a clear understanding of OSHA’s expectations regarding respirable silica. Click here to register online or contact our Loss Prevention Department: 401-825-2731 |

Please note that space is limited. The seminar will begin at 8:00AM and refreshments will be served. Attendees are encouraged to arrive between 7:30 – 8:00AM.

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