April 25, 2019 Notices

How to Report an Injury Online

Beacon Mutual is proud to announce that the new and improved First Report of Injury application will be available starting on Friday, April 26!

We’re making it easier for employers to enter workplace injury claims online through BEACONNECT, Beacon’s secure online portal. Beacon Mutual’s First Report of Injury Online Claim Reporting application provides our BEACONNECT users with a streamlined process that will guide the user through the report entry with ease.

What's new and improved?

  • Ability to Save a Draft of your First Report of Injury
  • Manage your Pending Drafts and submit your claim information when you’re ready
  • Easy navigation for an improved user experience

What help resources are available?

Visit beaconmutual.com for details on how to Report an Injury. Watch the How to Report an Injury Online video or download the Online Claim Reporting Guide!

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions about Reporting an Injury Online:

  • What information is needed when I report a claim? You should have the following information available when you report an injury online: employee name, address, date of birth, social security number, date of the incident, where the injury occurred, injury type, location of the injury (body part), a description of injury, witness information, and the place where medical treatment was administered.
  • What should you expect when you report a claim online? Once your claim is reported to Beacon online you will receive a claim number, which will be your reference number for future calls or correspondence. The claim number can be shared with your employee as they may need to provide it to the doctor’s office if they seek treatment for their injury.
  • Does the First Report of Injury application time out? The first report of injury application times out after 30 minutes of inactivity. We recommend that you save the draft of your report if you are interrupted while entering a first report of injury to ensure that you do not lose your work.

For more information, contact us at 401-825-2667 or BeaconClaims@beaconmutual.com

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