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April 03, 2023 Corporate News

FAQs - Beacon's New Convenient Self-Service Online Audit Process

Beacon Mutual is pleased to announce that we have replaced mail audits with a convenient self-service, self-paced online audit system. Beacon is collaborating with Zoom Audits LLC .  Policyholders can complete their premium audit through a secure, simple, and accurate online solution.

Why online audits?

Online audits are intended for small and medium businesses that juggle multiple tasks in their daily operations and are looking to simplify the audit process.

What can customers expect?

When you are due for a premium audit, you will receive a letter in the mail from Zoom Audits LLC, which provides access and instructions on how to complete the audit online. You will experience a guided process that is easy to understand and live help is available every step of the way.

The online audit process asks simple questions in a logical sequence that guides our customers through the online audit to completion. The online audit process allows the customers the freedom to complete the tasks associated with their audit that best fit their schedule.

When a policyholder is selected for an online audit, your agent will also receive an awareness notification in BEACONNECT.  

Download the Zoom online audit brochure to learn more. 


What are online audit benefits?

  • Convenience: Online Audits are designed to offer our customers flexibility and minimal disruption to daily business operations. By automating data entry and engaging with customers, we hope to reduce the audit process time.
  • Secure and Robust Data Import: Zoom Audit’s online import engine allows customers to import financial records and eliminate data entry time.

Why was I selected for an online audit?  

Premium audits are standard practice in the insurance industry and they should not be considered anything more than routine business practice. The insurance policy permits Beacon to inspect premises and review your financial records related to applicable exposures. Premium audit data is needed for rate-making purposes and to ensure you are paying the correct premium based on your business exposures.

What records are needed to complete the online audit?          

If you received a letter to conduct an audit via ZOOM Audits web portal, the letter will outline what records you will need to complete the online audit. Upon your initial login, the records required are also displayed for your review. You may log in to the web portal as often as necessary to complete the audit assignment.

Required information:

  • Gross Payroll for the audit period
  • Federal 941s for the audit period
  • RI TX-17’s for the audit period

What if I am uncomfortable completing my audit online?        

ZOOM Audits LLC’s staff is committed to providing you with a positive premium audit experience. If you have any questions or concerns or are uncomfortable doing your premium audit online, contact their support team at 877-551-9666. They will be happy to work with you in a manner that you are comfortable with.

What should I do if I don't agree with the results of my recent online audit?

Should you disagree with your audited figures please submit your dispute within 30 days. Include the specific details regarding what elements of the audit (employee classifications, classification codes, officers, or subcontractors) you are disputing. Disputes should be sent to beaconmutualauditdisputes@zoomaudits.com.

As always, if you have questions or need guidance, you can contact Beacon Mutual or read our complete Frequently Asked Questions.

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