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February 21, 2024 Safety News

Empowering Recovery: Beacon's Pharmacy Program

In the realm of workers' compensation, Beacon Mutual stands at the forefront of providing comprehensive support for injured employees. One significant aspect of our commitment to holistic care is our pharmacy program. This blog post delves into the advantages that Beacon's pharmacy program offers, both to our policyholders and their injured workers.

Benefits of Our Pharmacy Program to Policyholders:

  1. Streamlined Prescription Process

    • Ensures injured employees access necessary medications without upfront payment.
    • Facilitates a smooth process, enhancing the overall experience during a challenging time.
  2. Controlled Prescription Costs

    • Encourages the use of generics over brand names, mitigating rising drug costs.
    • Adheres to state fee schedule payment guidelines, controlling medical costs associated with injuries.
  3. Clinical Pharmacy Support

    • Offers clinical pharmacy services and programs.
    • Assists in identifying high-risk cases and supports evidence-based practice guidelines.

"We offer a customized program to ensure that the individual needs of the injured workers are met quickly while upholding high-quality standards for clinical safety and balancing cost containment for our policyholders, all in accordance with state protocols and evidence-based guidelines,” said Keri Koziol, Beacon’s Managed Care Unit Manager.

Benefits of Our Pharmacy Program to Injured Workers:

1. Freedom of Pharmacy Choice

  • In Rhode Island, injured workers have the liberty to choose their preferred pharmacy.

2. First Fill Program

  • Ensures no cost to injured workers for initial medications before a claim is reported.

3. Pharmacy Card Convenience

  • Once a claim is accepted, a pharmacy card eliminates out-of-pocket expenses for injured workers.

4. Tailored Formularies for Work-Related Cases

  • Implementation of work-related appropriate formularies for seamless prescription processing.
  • Controls are in place to monitor opioid utilization in accordance with state and clinical practice guidelines.

Collaboration with Mitchell ScriptAdvisor

Our partner, Mitchell ScriptAdvisor, a leader in workers' compensation pharmacy benefit programs, is contracted with most national and independent pharmacies in Rhode Island and surrounding states. This ensures fast verification and processing of prescriptions. Additionally, mail order processing is available for the convenient delivery of medications right to your door.

Early access to prescribed medications can significantly impact an injured worker’s recovery, which is why we collaborate with Mitchell ScriptAdvisor.  Together, we provide injured workers with access to quality pharmaceutical care through a trusted network of more than 67,000 pharmacies nationwide, including those in our area.

In conclusion, Beacon's Pharmacy Program emerges as a crucial component in fostering a balanced approach to workers' compensation. By addressing the needs of both policyholders and injured workers, we exemplify a commitment to efficient, compassionate, and cost-effective care.

Help Your Employees Get Better and Back to Work

Beacon Mutual has an exceptional team of claim experts, and nurse case managers who will guide you through the claim process to assist with obtaining appropriate and necessary medical services for injured workers. The team will work collaboratively with you, your employee, and the medical providers to return your employee safely back to work.

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