Beacon Week of Service 2024
June 17, 2024 Community Involvement

Giving Back: Beacon's 2024 Week of Service & Impact

Every year, Beacon Mutual proudly hosts a Week of Service, giving employees the opportunity to donate their time and skills to various deserving organizations across Rhode Island. This initiative fosters a spirit of community and compassion and aligns with Beacon's core vision and values: Commit to Care, Embrace Inclusion, Explore Possible, Do the Right Thing, Be Remarkable, and Impact Our Community. This year for our 2024 Week of Service, our employees had the chance to volunteer with six local organizations, each making a profound impact on different facets of our community.

"Beacon Mutual’s Week of Service is a testament to our commitment to giving back to the community. Our employees' dedication and hard work during this week highlight the essence of what Beacon stands for – community, compassion, and making a difference. We are incredibly proud of the impact we’ve made together," said Brian Spero, President and CEO of Beacon Mutual.


The Organizations We Served:

Top Row: (left to right) Rhode Island Community Food Bank, Gotta' Have Sole Foundation, Sojourner House, Bottom Row: (left to right) RI SPCA, Love for Our Elders, We R.I.S.E

Rhode Island Community Food Bank

Since 1982, the Rhode Island Community Food Bank has been a vital resource, distributing millions of pounds of food to those in need through a network of member agencies. This year, Beacon volunteers collectively helped package 824 boxes of food, weighing over 7,800 pounds. Our team’s dedication ensured that countless families received the nutrition they needed.

Gotta Have Sole Foundation

Gotta Have Sole Foundation is dedicated to donating new shoes to vulnerable children across America, empowering youth leaders to take action. From April 8th to May 6th, Beacon hosted a company-wide youth sneaker drive. On May 7th, employees delivered the collected shoes to the GHS facility in Cranston and fulfilled two sneaker donation orders for McCauley Ministries and the Community Care Alliance-Woonsocket Homeless Shelter, making a difference in the lives of many children.

Sojourner House

Sojourner House's mission is to support victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Our volunteers contributed by preparing one of the organization’s recently acquired properties for renovation, helping create a safe and supportive environment for those in need.

Rhode Island SPCA

Founded in 1870, the Rhode Island SPCA is dedicated to animal welfare. Beacon volunteers traveled to the East Providence and Warwick locations to clean kennels, wash dishes, move furniture, and tidy up the dog play yard and courtyards. Our team’s efforts ensured a better living environment for the animals awaiting their forever homes.

Love for Our Elders

Letters of Love is a nonprofit focused on combating isolation in senior communities through handwritten letters, videos, and stories. Beacon volunteers took time out to write heartfelt letters, bringing smiles and joy to the faces of the elderly featured in LOELs May program.

We R.I.S.E - Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream Ranch offers therapeutic services to help veterans transition back to civilian life. Beacon volunteers enjoyed cuddling newborn goats, baby bunnies, donkeys, horses, and dogs while also building 13 raised garden beds and other farm items. These activities not only support the farm but also contribute to the therapeutic experiences for the veterans.

Beacon is Committed to Impacting Our Local Community

Beacon's Week of Service 2024 was a remarkable success, demonstrating the power of volunteerism and community spirit. It exemplifies our commitment to the community, reflecting our core values through meaningful volunteer efforts. Our employees’ contributions to these six organizations have left a lasting impact, embodying the values that Beacon holds dear. We look forward to continuing this tradition and making a difference in the years to come.

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